Monday, March 30, 2009

Mid-morning snack time!

Hi, and Welcome, to the madcap mania that is Nickel at a Time!

We want everyone to know that we haven't spent the last weeks kicking back, relaxing, and counting the nickels rolling in to the Nickelatatime Paypal account!  Quite the contrary.  We've been flexing our fingers, sharpening our mechanical pencils, and making sure that the jokes just keep on joking.

We've got some appetizing jokes that we hope will leave you hapless readers rolling in the aisles with something besides heartburn.  We'll follow up the jokes with some funny pictures for dessert, lay down a nice slab of melted cheese across the top, and leave it to slowly simmer under the stiflingly hot lights of your local email server.  Just make sure to very carefully remove the cheese-covered shrink-wrap plastic from your browser before reading it...wouldn't want any reports of burned fingertips coming back with those nickels.

So, while you're chuckling under your breath, loosening your belt, reaching for the antacid with one hand and the burn ointment with the other, don't forget to open that virtual wallet and tip your digital waiter for the heaping helping of hapless hilarity that is the mid-to-late-morning brunch known as Nickel at a Time.

B-uuu-uuu-rrr-ppp! Ah, excuse me.

See you in the funny papers!

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